The Zimbabwe Experience

A trip to Zimbabwe will take you through a life changing journey in which you will have the privilege to see the best of Africa and the best of its people. From the moment you enter into the capital city of Harare you will be met by a friendly, happy and gentle mannered people who are always willing to help tourists and give them a prevue into their beautiful heritage. Further exploration will take you through an attractive patchwork of landscapes, from highveld, balancing boulders and flaming msasa trees, to laidback towns, lush mountains and lifeblood rivers.

Zimbabwe has a rich culture which comprises of over 10 languages with the main spoken languages being English, Shona and Ndebele. The Shona and Ndebele form the backbone of the Zimbabwe culture with the Shona people having migrated from the north of Africa and the Ndebeles having come from the Zulus in South Africa.

The Shona people are particularly interesting, with different tribes, chief of which are the Karanga, Zezuru, Korekore, Manyika and Ndau. Stepping into these cultures exposes one to an experience like you’ve never had before. Experience the hunter-gathering skills of the Karanga and the hunting prowess of the Zezuru and see how the Manyika and the Ndau people have been able to maintain their ways for hundreds of years through the passing down of knowledge through stories and art.

The Ndebele people have a rich and vibrant culture which is characterised by their beautiful traditional clothes and the expression of their culture through song and dance. A day spent in a Ndebele village will open your eyes to what it really means to be part of a community in which honour and respect rule the day and joy and celebration are a way of life.