Zimbabwe Elephant Interaction & Encounter


Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe


Take time to meet the gentle and graceful giants of the jungle

Pick up from hotel for a safari that

affords you with the opportunity to get close to other animals in the jungle

On arrival you will be given a brief introduction of the elephant rehabilitation

and conversation program.

After intro we meet our gentle giants if you lucky they might extend their trunks and

greet you  to find out which herd you are from.

Our Safari begins when we leave the ramp and herd for the forest….

the beauty of this tour is we get so close to the other animals and they wont even be

aware of your presence .

Be sure to take in the beautiful landscape and horizons .

After the safari you will be offered with snacks and refreshing drink  while you watch the

video of your safari.

After snacks and refreshments the Elephants come back to bid you farewell with their

royal salute and let you give them a snack as a token of appreciation.


Available times

Morning, Midmorning, Afternoon