About Us

Tandara’s name is derived from the Shona word that means visiting and spending time together. It might be time spent with your loved ones sitting around a fire or just having a good time. Its still time well invested as one gets to sit and appreciate the valuable things of life which is the time well spent together, moments that we create.

In the Zambian culture it also means taking time to spend with someone and enjoying each other’s company, this is the time we get to catch up with each other and be able to share the love that we have for each other.
Tandara is about relaxing, good time sand moments shared and remembered in great places. We understand the need to escape and experience a new world once in a while or frequently whether for business or pleasure. Tandara is a tour operator that specializes in the southern Africa experience. We plan and book everything for your African adventure dedicating time and detail to your journey and memorable moments whether with your loved one, with your family or just you. We help you get the best out of each destination, regardless of where you choose we give your trip structure,direction and fun without straining your budget.

Love is in moments and we believe in making it a lifestyle by sharing our love moments in great places in Africa.

“Just the two of you”

Planning and going for your honeymoon is something that can make “till death do us part” history and the last thing you ever want to hear.After months of stressful planning finally you are hitched! Finally this is the time to reconnect and maybe take your first trip together and we aim to make it a bonding experience for you forever. “Cherechedza”(remember) the time we fell in love in Africa!

We help plan and book everything in advance to make it flexible and manageable on both your budget and careers. We balance adventure and relaxation with intimate romantic moments.

“Just us”
Tandara understands what it means to have a family and its value. lt has dedicated time, effort and experience to make your southern Africa holiday with your children a smooth family vacation, educative and build on the moments and memories of love that matter the most to you.

“Just you”
Once in a while you need to escape, getaway, detox and what greater way to revitalize and rediscover yourself than a journey to Africa. We recreate your dream and allow you to explore your chosen destination on your own terms. Tandara offers the freedom to explore at a affordable rate an option to connect with other travellers make new friends but ultimately gain a new perspective of life.

“Just us & the world”
Group tours are great ways to explore and enjoy a life well spent.Have a great time with your buddies on a well tested route and destination with the security and expertise of an experienced guide.